Monday, October 15, 2018

Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge - THIS Friday

The Knights of Columbus will be hosting their annual soccer challenge October 19 in the gym at during lunch. Registration forms can be found on the bulletin board outside the gym entrance. Please fill out, sign and return to Ms Leblanc by Friday. The competition is open to students ages 9 and up. 

If students start registering and the numbers are high, we’ll need to start at 11:30. At this point, not sure it will happen. I’ll keep you posted

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Parent Questionnaire

Below I have listed the link to our parent survey. If you are able, please fill out the Google Form by Friday, September 21st. This survey just lets your child's teaching team know a little more about them as we begin the year. 

Included in the survey is the option to check a box requesting a phone call rather than completing the survey to share info about your child. 

Thank you to all! 

Parent Questionnaire 2018

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Welcome and welcome back to all new and returning lions! 

My name is Kate Garvey, and I will be your child's Grade 4 or 6 French Immersion teacher this year. We have has such a wonderful first day together, and I am SO looking forward to teaching and learning with your children this year!

Our physical learning environment this year happens to be out in a portable. We will still be practicing flexible seating, focusing heavily on leveraging tech to support learning, and be practicing lots of hands-on and inquiry deep learning. However, there are some things that are a little more challenging to access from our portable. Because of this, there are a couple of extra supplies that we could very much benefit from having out there in our class! These are in no way mandatory, but would be greatly appreciated to alleviate trips inside during the school day! 


- baby wipes 
- hand sanitizer
- paper towels 

Thank you for any contribution, big or small! (It is also helpful for your child to have a fairly large water bottle so they have enough water to last them their morning/afternoon in the portable). 

Being in Junior Immersion, your child spends half of their day with me and receives the following subjects in French; Science, Social Studies, French language, the Arts, and Phys Ed. 

We will also be focusing on our Deep Learning Global Competencies one at a time throughout the year, to further deepen our students' understanding of what each of the competencies are, and the development of their abilities in each of these 21st century skills. 

As we progress through each subject unit and to each new competency of focus, the overall expectations will be linked here. They are always hanging in our class, and are reviewed with the students throughout the units, but referring to these will help you be aware of the learning expectations throughout the year. 

We look forward to meeting all of you this Thursday at our Welcome Back Barbeque! Meet the teacher will be on from 5-7 pm! 


Mme Garvey